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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

cHAT Week


Posted by Johnny Magee on Monday, 18th June 2007 21:21

Upon completion of the residency programme all the HAT artists, together with representatives of the host organisations and the project managers, came together for a week-long collaborative conference/workshop.

cHAT WEEK was held in SANSKRITI India during the last weekof March 2007. The activities gave an opportunity for all those involved to:

  • Talk - pull together collective experiences
  • Discuss - examine the significance of dislocation
  • Look - explore intercultural learning
  • Listen - stimulate new perspectives and methodologies
  • Do - get involved and push ideas forward

The week also provided an important springboard from which to promote outcomes of the programme, especially through critical debate. The week allowed ample time for socialising, around meals and events, to enable an exchange of experiences and ideas. There were also occasions for a more public interaction with time is set aside for invited artists and curators to join in group discussion.

There was a formal element to the week, which was shaped around generic issues that international residencies address. A series of workshops were led by HAT artists (see below) and delegates had the opportunity to join these.

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