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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Steve Dixon

Residency at JamFactory

31st March 2006 - Messenger Chat Via Email

Posted by Johnny Magee on 20th September 2006


During Steve's fellowship in Adelaide, a number of web chats (via Microsoft's 'Instant Messenger') were made... it was usually 7pm in Adelaide and 8am in Manchester UK.... The following 3 chats were recorded for this web site.


Friday 31st March 2006

Manchester - Adelaide

Start Time: 13:29:09; End Time: 14:12:02


Johnny says: (13:29:15)

STEVE says: (13:29:51)
hello, I made it!

Johnny says: (13:30:15)
fantastic!! Are you now ensconced back at the JAM?

IMAGE: Camping Grounds

STEVE says: (13:31:07)
Not moved in properly - went to pub instead - but have key so can sleep here.

Johnny says: (13:31:33)
attempting to call barney in

STEVE says: (13:31:55)
Good, is Jane there too?

Johnny says: (13:32:43)
hang on

Johnny says: (13:32:52)
jane not here

> barney has been added to the conversation.

Johnny says: (13:33:49)
hello barney are you there

STEVE says: (13:34:00)
Hi barney.

Johnny says: (13:34:46)
hooray, we have three of us in the chat

Barney says: (13:34:54)
I am here now

Johnny says: (13:35:06)
Spoke to Jane earlier... but can't make the chat

Johnny says: (13:35:15)
Welcome Barney

STEVE says: (13:35:15)
Our first threesome (well mine anyway!)

IMAGE: Steve eating oysters

Johnny says: (13:36:04)
So Steve how was the interior?

Barney says: (13:36:25)
thanks for having me along. Steve, thought the photos were good, what was the experience like?

STEVE says: (13:37:30)
Exciting, interesting, depressing, beautiful, scary, enormous, and its going to take a while to put it into perspective.

IMAGE: Lake Hart (salt lake)

> Barney has left the conversation.

Johnny says: (13:38:17)
I've changed my colour to orange to make it easier to see who's who!

Johnny says: (13:38:33)
looks like we have lost barney steve

STEVE says: (13:39:17)
I got a brilliant insight into Anagnu culture and lifestyle, and the way the art 'industry' works around that.

> Barney has been added to the conversation.

STEVE says: (13:39:52)
Welcome back Barney

Johnny says: (13:39:59)
the pictures you sent steve, were they of the areas you visited....?

STEVE says: (13:41:05)
A mix of stuff, the first half of the docu. of the trip. Some places/animals/road-trip snaps

IMAGE: Corkwood Tree (Australian Interior)

Johnny says: (13:41:42)
fantastic..... the porcelain you are making... is that from materials (bones) gathered during the trip?

STEVE says: (13:42:05)
Will try to get the 2nd half burnt to disc tomorrow and send more.

Johnny says: (13:42:36)
Barney, are you there?

STEVE says: (13:42:47)
Yes, bone china from Emu and kangaroo bones - roadkill from outside of the lands.

Johnny says: (13:42:57)
I think we've lost him steve!

Johnny says: (13:43:14)
Are you worried about disease?

Johnny says: (13:43:26)
sorry typing is dreadful

STEVE says: (13:44:30)
Also had a monitor lizard skeleton, which could have made a beautiful circular project, illustrating Anagnu story in bone china object then returning it to the lands, but didnt get permission to bring him with us!

IMAGE: Monitor Lizard

Johnny says: (13:44:58)
"Anagnu' is this a district or a tribe?

STEVE says: (13:45:20)
Not worried, bones pretty dried out, and burned in kiln to 900c

Barney says: (13:45:31)
surprise. back

Johnny says: (13:45:43)
welcome back, where did you go?

STEVE says: (13:45:56)
Anagnu means aboriginal people.

Barney says: (13:46:01)

Johnny says: (13:46:08)
So what shape will you make from the prorcelain

Johnny says: (13:47:01)
is Anagnu aboriginal word (i.e. : their language) or a western word for them?

STEVE says: (13:47:02)
No idea yet, bone china difficult to use for handbuilding, may try to develop a 'product'.

Johnny says: (13:47:28)
could you see a house being constructed from porcelain

STEVE says: (13:47:50)
Aboriginal, Pitjantjatjara language.

Barney says: (13:48:24)
did the trip involve encounters with people or just dead animals

STEVE says: (13:49:22)
Yes people too Barney, but hard to photo because of protocols, though I have some images of artists and elders.

Johnny says: (13:52:47)
Steve have you had a chance to look at the HAT web site?

STEVE says: (13:53:20)
Sorry johnny, went for dinner and a drink between web-chats!!!

Johnny says: (13:53:31)
you too!

Barney says: (13:55:15)
are we on another line here?

Johnny says: (13:55:25)
no we are on the same thread

Johnny says: (13:56:04)
Steve are you there?

Johnny says: (13:56:54)
I'm not sure if there's another chat going on...... is there?

Johnny says: (13:57:07)
ahh Barney you're there!

Barney says: (13:57:15)
why are we now on this window

Johnny says: (13:57:16)

Johnny says: (13:58:13)
If meesenger dissconnects (gremlins) it will start a new window whan you reconnect..... you need to delete that window, and continue in the original window...... if you know what i mean

Johnny says: (13:58:44)
Steve .... hello Stev, come in Mr Dixon Sir....

Johnny says: (13:59:51)
if you've started another chat..... you need to invite me in...!!

Barney says: (14:00:02)
johnny you left the last conversation. i seem to be in both

Johnny says: (14:00:34)
yes invite me in... go to top left of window blue speech bubble and plus sign

Barney says: (14:01:08)
did it 2 messages ago. where are you?

Johnny says: (14:01:41)
I'm in the other window

Barney says: (14:00:41)
are you working at all

STEVE says: (14:00:41)
Welcome back j

STEVE says: (14:01:03)
Yes,its 11.30 on a Friday night and I'm on the bloody computer!

Johnny says: (14:01:07)
what -a ya mean... I never left..... you're ganging up on me in cyberspace

Johnny says: (14:01:25)
I'm here in the window now.... are you Barney?

Barney says: (14:01:36)
only joking

Johnny says: (14:02:01)
Christ..... aaaaagggghhhhh!!!!!

Johnny says: (14:09:13)
Steve will Tuesday evening your time be okay to chat again?

STEVE says: (14:10:08)
Johnny, refer to earlier conversation, or I'll get another bollicking from Barney

Johnny says: (14:10:50)
yeah, he's hijacked this one

Barney says: (14:12:28)
steve get some sleep, you will need all your energies for those bbq's. i will get some lunch

STEVE says: (14:13:46)
I'm ok to carry on, though nature calls.....

Johnny says: (14:13:57)
Okay... i'm off.... can’t Tuesday.... but Camberra... is that a different time to Adelaide

STEVE says: (14:16:09)
Maybe, and clocks here change at weekend, so god knows!!!!

Johnny says: (14:17:05)
Okay Steve... send me an email when you have an opportunity and we'll re convene.... with photos this time. Bye for now.... sleep well....over and out. Johnny

Barney says: (14:17:20)
Canberra is half hour ahead of Adelaide

Johnny says: (14:17:34)
Barney... I'll leave you and Steve to chat.

Johnny says: (14:17:55)
Have a nice weekend, Johnny over and out.

STEVE says: (14:18:06)
Thats good to know. B. See you Johnny.

Barney says: (14:18:06)
bye J

21st March 2006 - Messenger Chat Via Email

Posted by Johnny Magee on 16th September 2006

Tuesday 21st March 2006


Start Time: 08:14:14; End Time: 08:41:07


Johnny says: (08:14:47)
Well those fashion girls... they like to stay up late

Steve says: (08:14:59)
OK will carry on writing anyway, been out for shopping therapy - some serious bush gear, Drizabone coat and outback boots. Not needed for Ernabella but will be fab in Manchester!

Steve says: (08:15:12)
Tell me more!

Johnny says: (08:15:36)
Well... if you insist!

Steve says: (08:15:49)
Is Barney joining us for chat?

Johnny says: (08:16:04)
Only Joking..... the real reason is us course leaders are so knackered.... we need our sleep!!

Steve says: (08:16:22)

Johnny says: (08:16:48)
I've invited him to join, and jeremy....

Steve says: (08:16:51)
Did you get photos I sent today?

Steve says: (08:17:08)
OK good.

Johnny says: (08:17:42)
Yes, thanks.... look very professionally shot..... just need colour correction..... I'll see if I can do one while we chat

Steve says: (08:18:07)
Multitasking, impressive!

Johnny says: (08:19:13)
Managed to take the yellow out of this.... Photoshop has a 'photo filter' for colour correction.... so don't be too impressed

Steve says: (08:19:42)
Met with Prof Kay Lawrence (Head of School at Uni SA) to kick around some ideas for research collaboration, she's very interested.

Kay Lawrence

Johnny says: (08:20:34)
Kay Lawrence... tell me more, does she work in ceramics?

Johnny says: (08:20:51)
Are you on a modem steve?

Johnny says: (08:21:12)
Seems really slow sending that image... sorrry won't do it again

Steve says: (08:21:59)
She is a textile artist, may be interested in an exhibition exchange of staff work (some great work/people in Adelaide)

Johnny says: (08:22:32)
I've tried to invite barney in... but he's not online yet... a little early

Steve says: (08:23:36)
Good image, looks better with yellow filter! The darkroom here is pretty basic! I finished documenting work today, so will send more when transfered to disc.

Johnny says: (08:23:40)
Yeah, I met some great people last time I was over there, I imagine being there for 3 months allows you to develop something further than simple networking

Steve says: (08:24:39)
Yes, I do know some people here very well now. I'll be sorry to leave in lots of ways!

Johnny says: (08:24:41)
Can I ask steve... the 'SILENCE' plate have you added those marks...?

Steve says: (08:26:21)
The lines and blemishes are part of the re- firing process, a happy accident, but adds a richness/agedness I've been experimenting with

Johnny says: (08:27:02)
Steve.... sorry about this... I need 5 minutes, a delivery has just arrived, and need to help the delivery man carry it in... can you give me 5 mins?

Steve says: (08:27:20)
No problem

Johnny says: (08:35:57)
Hi Steve, I'm back now

Steve says: (08:36:52)
OK fire away

Johnny says: (08:37:09)
Yes, those maks reminded me of aboriginal markings... that trace their walks.. and with the word silence... too!

Steve says: (08:38:05)
Hmmmm, not my intention but an interesting and appropriate connection

Johnny says: (08:40:08)
my keyboard is playing up... ive been fiddling with USB connections...

Steve says: (08:40:44)
There will be more aboriginal input into the work after trip.

Steve says: (08:40:53)
Ah I wondered!

Johnny says: (08:40:58)
Steve, I need to do a computer re-start to sort out things... all gone wobbly

RESTARTING CHAT - Start Time: 08:43:52; End Time: 09:42:34

Johnny says: (08:44:01)
That's much better

Johnny says: (08:44:30)
very frustrating when you type (I tend to look at the keyboard) and when I look up there's nothing there

Steve says: (08:45:05)
Ok lets start again

Johnny says: (08:45:22)
I tried Barney... still not there

Steve says: (08:45:50)
OK lets just carry on anyway.

Johnny says: (08:46:45)
What would you say is the most significant development in your practice so far, in terms of the 'craft?'

Johnny says: (08:47:07)
And in terms of your critical thinking?

Johnny says: (08:47:31)
I realise these are BIG questions for a chat... so one word answers are acceptable

Steve says: (08:50:03)
Several ongoing strands, the enamel plates are the most resolved/finished, though not very deep in concept/content. The small vessels/oilcans are a move in a different technicalaesthetic direction. Conceptually its probably the work on houses and masks/hoods, which are very unresolved but promise more radical shifts in thinking/developing narratives.

Johnny says: (08:51:19)
Do you have any particular things you would like to see/do/engage with on your desert trip... or is it a wait and see?

Steve says: (08:53:55)
Its wait and see really, as plans/timetable have just changed, going for a shorter period but travelling more widely, so will see much more than if I'd stayed in ernabella only. Should be able to see a number of communities and also a lot of the landscape, environment, and some very special ancestral sites, rock art etc (well off the tourist trail)

Johnny says: (08:55:52)
How would you (as an artist) docuemt/record such a trip.... Photographs, Drawing, collecting items (as you have already done), record conversations.... ?

Steve says: (08:58:21)
Planning lots of drawings and photography particularly. May get to collect things too, but that may be a sensitive area. No plans to record conversation, I havent a real agenda to base this on.

Johnny says: (08:59:21)
After the desert, are you coming back to JAM before you leave?

Steve says: (08:59:47)
Yes, I'm back for 4 days then off to Canberra and then Sydney

Johnny says: (09:00:14)
Will we have an opportunity to discuss the trip in-between?

Steve says: (09:00:53)
Yes, I'll make it a priority, and hopefully have some fab images to send over!

Johnny says: (09:01:45)
Brilliant.....! Can I ask about your exhibition there.... are you showing finished pieces or will it include process (maquettes)?

Steve says: (09:03:16)
There are 5 pieces coming from UK, sent before I left, and I'm hoping to include some of the new enamel plates, but the space is not huge, for 3 of us, so we'll just see how it works. Should start to hang tomorrow.

Johnny says: (09:04:01)
Well good luck with it..... take some pics at the opening for me?

Steve says: (09:04:55)
Will do, do you want action shots 'casual, people etc?

Johnny says: (09:05:29)
Have you seen the way I have put our south asia trip together... Jane's writing and my pics..... i was thinking of doing something like that with your pics and our chat.... you can see it here... still in construction mind:

Johnny says: (09:06:09)
Yes lots of action shots..... maybe some portriats... and a wider shot of thespace

Steve says: (09:07:13)
Will do.

Johnny says: (09:07:30)
I'm also building he web site which I would like you to contribute to.... not just yet, but when it's properly sorted... this is at

Steve says: (09:08:27)
Wow, it looks great, I'd better stop talking such crap!

Johnny says: (09:09:02)
Can I ask about your plates again..... how have you got the images on... are these drawn and fired.... what do you draw with?

Johnny says: (09:09:24)
Now then, Jane writes, you make!

Johnny says: (09:10:08)
And, we can edit the texts together... even add to them... until you're happy and it properly represents your residency

Steve says: (09:11:25)
The images are tranfer printed from drawings and photos, onto decal paper, covercoated (aplastic 'skin') and then soaked in wter to seperate print from paper and applied (like Airfix kits) then fired to 800c, where the print and the enamel surfece fuse together.

Johnny says: (09:11:50)
And is that gold leaf?

Steve says: (09:12:05)
Thats good about Jane and Editing!

Steve says: (09:12:36)
Its gold lustre, painted on as a liquid and also fired to 800c.

Johnny says: (09:13:04)
And has it 'reticulated?' or have you organised the design in that way

Johnny says: (09:14:05)
It has a 'gustav klimt' look about it!

Steve says: (09:15:11)
Again its just how the materials behave, though I've been experimenting with various ways of making use of it. Its hard to predict though, as you dont know the exact temperature of the 'found' enamel plates. So some work and others dont.

Johnny says: (09:15:56)
I particularly like Henry VIII rectangular plate with the staffordshire roses..... is this how the Aussies think of us English?

Steve says: (09:17:32)
Not sure, though it panders to the stereotype, and hasbeen appreciated here. There are a lot of Brits around.

Johnny says: (09:19:05)
I do like the rectangular plate.... is this bought new.... how common is it?

Steve says: (09:20:09)
Not so common, bought second hand from a great junk shop and quite expensive, $30 I think. Its tidied up in the firing!!!

Steve says: (09:20:33)
Its a meat dish by the way, appropriate for old Enery

Johnny says: (09:21:41)
Understanding abit more about the process.. has the plate with the moth had its enamel burnt out... due to temperature..... which gives the moth image a lovely Resonance

Johnny says: (09:23:36)
Can you say a little about deciding to use the Manet painting reference on the Billy can.... I'm showing ignorance here... was one of the subjects in the painting called Billy?

Steve says: (09:24:19)
The moth plate was the oldest/most damaged I had found, before firing, and its behaved differently to most of the others. The moth itself was applied twice, a blue one first, fired at top of kiln (higher temp) then a red one, fired lower in kiln (lower temp, and less melted in) So there is an element of control after all!

Johnny says: (09:25:12)
Will you sell any of the plates.... or are they to be returned to blighty?

Steve says: (09:26:16)
Manet and Billy, not so clever as you suggest, Billy is simply the Billy can!! (And my boy of course!) And it seemed a nice contradiction, rugged outdoor cooking and decadent Parisian romp.

Johnny says: (09:27:19)
And all that controversy... to be repeated in Adelaide.... you must include in the exhibition

Steve says: (09:27:29)
If they go into show I may sell, but I'd rather keep the best ones to bring/send home, will have to discuss with Gallery, as they are into selling of course!

Steve says: (09:28:04)
Didnt understand last question, sorry

Johnny says: (09:28:39)
Quite right... I rather like the idea of your work remaining in Australia... quietly infusing some sort of comment or another!!

Johnny says: (09:29:18)
I was thinking of the spalsh the Monet caused at the time.....

Johnny says: (09:29:42)
to reduce it down to a billy can, line drawing on enamel

Steve says: (09:30:06)
Yes I understand, but there are people here working with controversial and political stuff too, esp. in ceramics.

Johnny says: (09:30:47)
Do you think painting has had it?

Johnny says: (09:30:59)
serious question.....

Steve says: (09:30:59)
This is very out of step, I'm following the thread I think!

Johnny says: (09:31:23)
Sorry.... I'm off on one...... I'll ask another more sensible question

Johnny says: (09:31:46)
You sent some pics of the Jam residence..... earlier on?

Steve says: (09:32:05)
Painting had it? Not necessarily, but the Australian Biennial I saw today was not particularly mind-blowing.

Steve says: (09:32:27)
Which pics?

Johnny says: (09:33:28)
I was thinking that contemporary craft has moved up a gear... and in your case where the object can be (re)used as canvas has so much more potency than oils!

Steve says: (09:34:28)
Thats a great thought. I can only agree of course!!

Steve says: (09:35:11)
The object as canvas sums it up rather well.

Johnny says: (09:36:14)
Images of the residence.... I must have been dreaming..... for the documentation, I wanted each residency (throughout hat) to include domestic elements.... as I think this will be a unifying interest..... at least a starting point... or common ground.... we all need to eat/sleep etc

Johnny says: (09:36:52)
Crikey Steve, i've just seen the time!!!! have you eaten yet

Steve says: (09:37:40)
Yes I've had a sarnie to keep me going what about you.

Johnny says: (09:37:50)
I think we should leave it there... and set a date for your desert tales... which date would be good?

Johnny says: (09:38:06)
I need to get off to work

Steve says: (09:38:24)
And I've no social arrangements for tonight (what will I do?????)

Steve says: (09:39:12)
We could try Friday night at 6.30 here?

Johnny says: (09:39:42)
okay..... I can do that..... so that will be post desert

Johnny says: (09:39:56)
I'll have an ice cold drink waiting

Steve says: (09:40:25)
Yes, should have lots to say! But I'll maila nd suggest another time if I cant do then.

Johnny says: (09:41:03)
Okay.... I better sign off for now.. and leave you to find a social engagement!!

Steve says: (09:41:14)
I'll look forward to that drink then. I'll need it, its a dry area in more ways than one!

Steve says: (09:41:26)
A night off will do me good.

Steve says: (09:41:38)

Johnny says: (09:42:09)
Cheers Steve.... so until 6.30pm Friday (your time) ciao for now.... take care, have a safe trip, Johnny xx

17th March 2006 - Messenger Chat Via Email

Posted by Johnny Magee on 16th September 2006

Friday 17th March 2006

Web Chat ....Manchester-Adelaide

Start Time: 08:01:43; End Time: 08:53:15

Steve says: (08:02:34)
Hi Johnny, fire away, i only have til 7.30, hectic social engagements - making best of last weekend of festival.

Johnny says: (08:02:34)
Good Evening (Morning)

Johnny says: (08:02:52)
No pictures to look at today

Steve says: (08:02:58)

Steve says: (08:03:44)
Sorry no new ones will try to get photos of fridge at Stephen Bowers place, would you like some photos of the house?

Johnny says: (08:04:50)
I wanted to discuss life'around' creative practice.... what the impact a new domestic environment can have!

Steve says: (08:06:47)
Bloody hell, where do I start! Its awhole new experience here, without family and teaching etc. a bit like university again, except with a bit of status and an entre into the art scene.

Johnny says: (08:08:36)
Sorry, it was a BIG question. It's early for me... still not 100% awake. How long again in Adelaide before you head off to the desert?

Steve says: (08:09:26)
One more full week here, which will focus on the prep. for the exhibition and finishing the new pieces.

Johnny says: (08:10:37)
Great.... re the domestic, I was exploring to see if there is a link between your plates, soap holders, houses and those small reprezentations of coffee pots and jugs?

Steve says: (08:13:13)
Thats hard to answer in an instant, the link is that they are all representative of material culture - no thats too general, they all just spoke to me for different but connected reasons - thats too wooly too!

Johnny says: (08:14:36)
I understand, they are obviously connecting you with Australian history in some way, and social history, rather than ploitical!

Steve says: (08:15:44)
There are a series of threads in the work here, which kind of weave together but I'm not trying to tie them down right now, I'm enjoying exploring a variety of things. Some will gel, others may fallout of the picture, or several may combine.

Steve says: (08:17:06)
Yes its historical rather than political,though the colonial thing is still a political issue. Ernabella may reveal more political/social issues

Johnny says: (08:19:43)
I see, and I suppose that's the joy of the residency, to free you into an explorative journey without having to justify anything. You mentioned feeling like a student again, and in this respect being 'playful'. How does the work get challenged?

Steve says: (08:22:49)
Its kind of challenged all the time, because the residnt artists are a bit 'on show' and scrutinised the whole time, by other Jam artists and visitors, and the exhibition is a challenge, and the knowledge that there needs to be a product/ outcome from the residency, so perhaps its not as free and playful as I make it sound.

Johnny says: (08:24:33)
Ahhh! Has anyone felt uncomfortable' with your exploration into Australian history....? I know some individuals celebrate this, and others are defensive.

Steve says: (08:26:31)
No not at all, I've been quite gentle with imagery so far I think, but when I've given talks the people here relate very strongly to the political position I put forward, esp. re Iraq and terrorism etc.

Johnny says: (08:27:47)
Do you mean.... in an accusational way.... as a brit (Blair) and all the war/lies stuff??

Steve says: (08:28:44)
Yes, it seems Howard and Blair are peas from the same pod - both poodles to the USA

Johnny says: (08:29:56)
Your 'gentle' approach.... is this the real you? or are you being 'sensitive' to being a guest in Australia?

Steve says: (08:31:30)
No not sensitive, but feeling my way in - dont think I can 'parachute' into a new environment and start to pontificate about issues I'm not well enough clued up on.

Steve says: (08:31:55)
So maybe yes I am being sensitive!

Johnny says: (08:33:18)
I understand, I'm curious about how this is affecting the way you work. I see your previous work as being 'strong' in how it confronts/challenges isses.

Johnny says: (08:33:25)
Sorry mean issues

Steve says: (08:35:19)
Yes, and I think this new work will be, but it will need more time to germinate and more research to be confident I'm not just seeing the superficial picture. I tend to work very slowly anyway, and develop work over a long period of time.

Johnny says: (08:37:21)
Thanks Steve... can I ask a different question..... you mentioned earlier about giving talks.... has any aspect of your residency involved teaching? and if so, is this at the Jam Factory or in a mainstream school/university way?

Steve says: (08:41:06)
Given a few talks about my work so far, one at JAM (as part of a 1 day workshop) 1 at Melbourne Ceramic group (peers/ceramic artists) 1 at University South Australia (ceramic students) Also due to give talks at Sydney (National Schoolof Art) and Canberra (School of Art) and another to the Art School at Uni S.A. in the next few weeks.

Johnny says: (08:43:52)
And when your work is received, how do your student's/Audiences respond..... Are they familiar with ceramics being used (need to choose my words carefully here...) as a vehicle for a political/social commentating.

Steve says: (08:46:19)
Its a bit of a novelty, but not unique here by any means. Gerry Wedd is an Adelaide ceramic artist (and surfing coach to international potters!) who uses political narratives too (see recent ex at Craft Victooria, Melbourne). But its not mainstream in ceramics , of course!

Steve says: (08:49:15)
Will need to signn off in a few mins, heavy duty dance performance awaits…

Johnny says: (08:50:21)
Yes, your weekend social life awaits... re doing this again, do you want to wait until you have been to the desert?

Steve says: (08:50:21)
When can we meet again? How about Monday? Does it matter if messages are out of synch?

Johnny says: (08:50:56)
No, synch doesn't matter as I will be editing them with you anyhow.

Johnny says: (08:51:14)
Monday ois fine...... same time.... 6.30pm your time?

Johnny says: (08:51:58)
I quite like being out of synch... it can throw up intereting conversational oddities.... messenger stylee!!

Steve says: (08:52:03)
Yes lets try Monday again. All the best have a good weeknd.

Steve says: (08:52:21)

Johnny says: (08:52:24)
Have fun.... until Monday.... byeeeee!!

Johnny says: (08:52:35)
Johnny x

Steve says: (08:52:59)
OK bye


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Steve Dixon talks to conference during cHAT week at Sanskriti, Delhi, India. March 2007



Watch Steve Dixon's presentation "one year on" given at cHAT week in Sanskriti, New Delhi: Click on image to watch movie (Duration 36 Mins)


A small web site showing the enamelled plates Steve created during his time at the Jam Factory.
See Steve's plates

Steve Gets 'Hooded Up'
A visit to Steve's studio in Manchester to make a short film, click here to see some stills

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