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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Dayal Vanker

Residency at University of Cumbria

HAT Resident, Dayalal Vankar is based at Cumbria Institute of the Arts September-October 2007. Dayal's residency will be linked with Meera Goradia but each will have their own specific objectives. Meera’s residency will run for 4 weeks and Dayalal’s for

Dayalal Vankar

1.Demonstration of practice skills and working methods with UK artists and students (Time: 15 days)

  • Objectives - to contribute to CIA textile/3D design materials practice courses to create opportunity for the development of creative practice through collaboration and dialogue with UK artists.
  • workshop within CIA textiles dept.- facilitated by Meera interaction/association with textiles students – supported by CIA member of staff
  • placement within textile studio/centre (Cumbria) - collaboration/mentor with artist – supported by artist

2.Schools project (Time: 2 days)

  • Objective to pilot a programme introducing Indian crafts into schools raising awareness , introducing skills and cultural learning


  • workshop within 2 schools facilitated by Meera/Jude

3. Research and Travel (Time :10 days)

  • Objectives - to increase knowledge and understanding of contemporary craft practice in the UK and development of understanding of UK marketplace


  • visits to see textile/craft galleries/shops/events meet with buyers, promoters, curators, facilitated by CIA
  • discussion with textile artists on product development, marketing, presentation etc facilitated by CIA
  • Programme of visits to see other HAT residency venues and to meet gallery staff and curators, meet other HAT artists, facilitated by AFL


The Kutch style of weaving has developed its characteristics through the intermingling of cultures in the north western region of India. It draws heavily from its connections with Sindh (now in Pakistan) and parts of Rajasthan.

Dayal using his pit and frame loom.

The weaving is done mainly on pit and frame looms and the speciality is the sequence and balance of the intricate motifs in the extra weft and supplementary weft. The arrangements of colour is also spectactular. Traditionally and still currently they have specialised in wool (though cotton was also in use). In addition the weaving includes mulberry silk, tussar, moga, and aerie as well as fine quality merino wool. Another interesting feature is the embellishment of the fabrics with other crafts such as tie-dye, block print and embroidery.

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Crafts of Kutch
Meera Goradia talks about the work of Dayal, and other crafts from the Kutch area of Gujarat - cHAT week at Sanskriti, Delhi, India. March 2007

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Dayal is circled in this Group picture showing all the HAT artists, taken in Sanskriti, Delhi, March 2007