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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Meera Goradia

Residency at University of Cumbria

HAT Residency Meera Goradia will be based at Cumbria Institute of the Arts September-October 2007. Her residency will be linked with Dayalal Vankar but each will have their own specific objectives. Meera’s residency will run for 3 weeks and Dayalal’s for 6 weeks.

Meera Goradia

1. Agency research promoting and advocating Khamir and its work in Kutch (Time: 6 days)

  • Objective: to raise profile of work of Khamir and Kutch NGO’s, research partnerships and funding for future programmes
  • collaboration with CIA research programmes and projects/Jude Stoll
  • seminar with other agencies/professionals working in the area of craft/ community development
  • meetings with potential partners for development projects
  • meeting with AFL and with funders for further craft/international exchange partnership programme

2. Schools Education Project (Time: 3 days)

  • Objective: to pilot a programme introducing Indian crafts into schools raising awareness , introducing skills and cultural learning
  • 2 x I day workshop in Cumbrian Schools (Creative Partnerships)
  • package including - Dayalal working with textiles, process of spinning weaving dyeing
  • contextual documentation/information/interpretation, rural life, tradition economy etc

3.Work with CIA crafts staff and students (Time: 6 days)

  • Objective to articulate theory and practice of Khamir and Kutch NGO’s working for the crafts and development.
  • introduction/lecture
  • workshop with Dayalal demonstrating skills, techniques, materials

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Crafts of Kutch
Meera Goradia talks about the work of Dayal, and other crafts from the Kutch area of Gujarat - cHAT week at Sanskriti, Delhi, India. March 2007