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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Gill Wilson

Residency at Sanskriti Pratishthan

Work in progress at Sanskriti

Posted by Gill Wilson on 6th February 2007

A new place and a new situation -everything is different, people, place, smells, food, nothing is the same. I have a fear that the work I do at the studio at home is could be calcified: its about me, it’s what I stand for and what people associate with me. This new situation throws me – here, no one knows you or what you do, you are just what you are, today, here and now. The fear passes and you get used to it, the group know you as you are here and now with no previous assumptions.

Time is spent thinking and collecting - new things that are novel - I start thinking, writing, drawing - the ideas come: it’s about faith and I coincidentally read -

"I have learned that anything is possible. I know that vision or concept will come. Through total risk. Freedom, discipline. I will do it."  Eva Hesse

Time becomes the major element in the creative process. I do something, I look at it later – tonight, tomorrow - and it looks different - it changes. It suggests something else, other possibilities; it’s a quiet response. It only happens when I am able to be on own - so I feel I must be ruthless about time and space. I am learning about myself - and I think it’s about ‘facing the fear and doing it anyway’, going through it. I also learn from others, I listen, I learn about myself through them. I have observed this happening to others as well Gwin (Australian renound potter) is also experiencing this effect: “I don’t have to work in ceramic - I could do something else - but what?”

I start casting small areas of the trees, the bark is so lovely and each tree is so different. After placing the pulp on the trees I catch sight of them from a distance, they look intriguing in situ, the colours blend or contrast with the environment - they are like quiet interventions - its exciting, I think I’ll make some new ones and work across different spaces in the courtyard or on the trees.

(see new images - 'Work in progress at Sanskriti')

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Hanne Rysgaard talks to conference during cHAT week at Sanskriti, Delhi, India. March 2007