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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia


Each residency will last three months. During this time each artist will be resident within a Host organisation.

Each artist will receive a fee of 4000 for the 3 months (this will be pro-rata for residencies shorter than the 3 months)

Accommodation will be provided, at no extra cost to the artist, for the 3 months.

In most instances provision will be made to allow for a one-week induction or settling in period before the start of the residency period.

The resident artist will be based within a host organisation that will provide:

  • A studio/workshop facilities with possible access to specialist equipment and materials
  • Professional and technical support
  • Introduction to other practitioners, networks and forums
  • Living accommodation
  • Some hosts may also offer a stipend as part of their visiting artists programme, paid teaching as visiting lecturers, or commissions

There will be at least 2 international residencies in each of the UK regions that are part of the project and there will be a minimum of two artists from each of the participating UK regions that will take up residencies abroad. The programme of residencies will be set up so that it might be possible for there to be more than one residency taking place within any of the participating regions or countries at any one time.