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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia


The project managers, A Fine Line, will establish partnerships with a range of organisations who share an interest in the HAT objectives. The partners will play an important role in the recruitment and selection of the artists for the residencies. Partners will in the main also be hosts to the residencies. Partners will each be developing ideas and work in the areas of international cultural practice as a part of their on going programmes. In this respect the partners are also important in that they will be the main channels for the dissemination of outcomes from the research programmes.

The hosts will be key in supporting the artists by ensuring not only the success of the residency research but also in supporting the realisation of specific outcomes from the individual residencies and collective outcomes from the HAT programme. Hosts in many instances will collaborate with other organisations to co-host the residency, sharing a common interest in the residency and taking joint responsibility to support the artist and the residency objectives

The network of partners is centred on the UK with host organisations in the North West region (4), East Midlands (2), South West (2) and South East (2). International partners are proposed for Australia (2), India (4), Bangladesh (1), Sri Lanka (1) and Pakistan (2).