Truck Art

Before motorized transport, traders moved goods along routes from the coast of Pakistan inland to Central Asia using heavily decorated camel caravans. This tradition continues today with painted trucks and busses, which continue to identify ethnic groups.  It is possible to look at a truck and identify which region it comes from and what ethnic group the driver belongs to.

Plate 53
  • Truck Artist Advert, Karachi
Plate 54
  • The tanker gets a spray paint undercoat
Plate 55
  • Body work is prepared....
Plate 56
  • Close up shows wooden moulding
Plate 57
  • take the finished Shisha work and painting above the cab
Plate 58
  • Shisha work inside the driver's cab

Within Karachi, a port city of 14 million on the Arabian Sea, more than 50,000 people work  in small, family-run workshops comprised of apprentices and trained artisans, each with a well-defined specialty. Every hand-painted truck, bus and rickshaw are unique.  Truck owners are willing to spend a small fortune to do this. A decent paint job costs £300 to £600 - perhaps more, depending on how ‘detailed’ it is. Body decoration and repair can easily run an extra £1200, equivalent to two years of the average truck driver’s salary. As a rule, however, owners or owner-drivers pay for the decoration, although hired drivers employed by a company are often free to choose whatever illustrations they like.

Plate 59
  • Truck Art Paint Pots
Plate 60
  • Truck Artist
Plate 61
  • Rear of Tanker
Plate 62
  • Underneath the truck gets the same attention
Plate 63
  • Pakistan: Karachi - Truck Art- mud flap

This labour intensive operation usually takes six to ten weeks. During this period, many drivers hover around the workshops like part of the extended family, suggesting possible subjects and alterations, earning nothing during the time their truck is being prepared. A full makeover of a vehicle can happen every three or four years.

Plate 64
  • A completed 'tanker' truck in use
Plate 65
  • Flat bed truck, Karachi
Plate 66
  • A Modern Truck- note the cab exterior is not decorated
Plate 67
  • Typical Decorated Bus, Karachi
Plate 68
  • Decorative windows, Karachi
Plate 69
  • Bus rear, Karachi
Plate 70
  • Truck Art is applied to a range of other household objects