HAT Host: Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

The School of Visual Arts is one of the first independent art schools in Pakistan set up within a liberal academic context. SVA welcomes new forms of visual experience which require experimental and lateral thinking. Together with ScAD (the School of Architecture and Design), they encourage a multi-disciplinary approach as a way to explore the connections between art and different branches of knowledge in the humanities and sciences.  Web Site:

Plate 45
  • Pakistan; Lahore - BNU Students Debate in outdoor recreation area
Plate 46
  • Pakistan; Lahore - BNU Exterior 2
Plate 47
  • Lahore BNU -Metal Work Shop
Plate 48
  • Pakistan; Lahore - tuc shop
Plate 49
  • Pakistan; Lahore - BNU Drawing Class

BNU Jewellery Workshops

Plate 50
  • Pakistan; Lahore - BNU Jewellery Benches
Plate 51
  • BNU Sinks in Jewellery area
Plate 52
  • BNU Machines in Jewellery area