PAKISTAN: Lahore          MINIATURE PAINTING                                                                            National College of Arts, (NCA)



I felt very sick today so didnŐt go to the first half of today which sounded really interesting. The group went to the main Art School (National College of Art) and visited the miniature painting department. This is such an interesting genre because it is very specific to the culture and student and professional artist are really pushing the genre.

Plate 12
  • NCA - Main Building
Plate 13
  • Entrance sign to Miniature Painting Department
Plate 14
  • Head of Miniature Painting

Johnny Magee writes: Like all old institutions, the National College of Arts, has a historical tradition. Much of its present tone was set long ago when it was known as the Mayo School of Arts. Gazetteers written about the city of Lahore in 1915 describe the work being done at the school as one of the cultural highlights of the urban center.  Since 1963 when the present college was invested with a new arts structure, it has carried courses in three departments, Architecture, Fine Arts and Design. All these courses are professional and enable the graduate to relate their talent to the job market. Web Site:

Examples of Contemporary Miniature Painting: National College of Art, Lahore

Plate 15
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 1
Plate 16
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 2
Plate 17
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 3
Plate 18
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 4
Plate 19
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 5
Plate 20
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 6
Plate 21
  • Contemporary Miniature Painting 7
Plate 22
  • Traditional Miniature Painting

Below: Student Miniature Painters

Plate 23
  • Miniature Painting Student 1
Plate 24
  • Miniature Painting Student 2
Plate 25
  • Miniature Painter's Water
Plate 26
  • Miniature Painter's Studio