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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Lionel T Dean

Residency at National Institute of Design (NID)

London Design Festival 2007

Posted by Lionel Dean on 7th October 2007

Arts Reverie 12/10/06

Posted by Lionel Dean on 12th October 2006

Arts Reverie is as far away from the tourist experience as can be imagined. Tucked away up winding back alleys in a busy Pol (traditional walled community) This three storey 19th Century colonial style building, provides an inspiring light and airy space. It is right in the heart of things surrounded on all sides by the day to day life of the community, where the boundaries between the public, private, work, and family blur in a way I have not experienced before. It is a surreal experience to witness cows meandering past the window.

House facade

Attention to detail - maybe there should be a house tradition of polishing these for luck like the brass bull of Torino


Arrived 05/10/06

Posted by Lionel Dean on 12th October 2006

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Lionel Dean talks to conference during cHAT week at Sanskriti, Delhi, India. March 2007