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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Tanvi Kant

Residency at Arts Reverie


Posted by Tanvi Kant on 10th February 2008


journey to Ahmedabad started with meeting people on the flights, each with their own story for making their way to India... a children's book illustrator, graphic designer and trainee film director as well as a scientist and hotel manager.  some of their points of departure or future points of arrival related in some way or another to my own journeys. these moments with people have always been interesting to me, we relate to mutual circumstances and we share our stories, only to never meet again

sometimes it makes you think was there a reason for bumping into that someone,  the order of booking reference numbers making, by chance, that person the one you will sit next to and laugh with...or share the odd smile during the six hours you will sit next to each other. paths cross and moments are shared...with complete strangers

Arts Reverie

At the beautiful house, I have felt relaxed and most of the first two days, rose from my bed to eat and read kite runner.  Starting reading another book, but I hadn't quite got over the first.  There are colours, textures, sounds, objects and images around the haveli which make you look more and feel constantly inspired. I have began to call it home as it will be my base for two months.

a visit to family friends on the back of a scooter was good, hands slightly stiff from holding on so tight.  the variety of languages you hear that you either recognise or don't recognise, is strange as you hear the very familiar amongst the unfamiliar. that goes for sounds, voices, animals, vehicles, food, clothing and faces.


From Monday to Friday I was in Poshina.  On the way, I visited Patan with a tour, which I had also been part of last year. The double Ikat weavers, a Jain family, was as fascinating, even on my second trip.  I am pleased to see they are not losing their craft.  One of the elders was proudly showing us a photo album with famous guests visiting their workshops or demonstrations around the world.  

I was thankful for grapes and oranges after a lunch of spicy deep fried snacks, which we ate sitting near the loom which had an unfinished spread, just a yard or so away from us.

On to the mushru weavers where ladies shopped and I stood watching a lady taking over the loom sitting in a recess in the living room.  It was physically demanding and I was glad to hear they had 50 or so workers with looms in their homes working for them.

Tribal areas

On the way to Poshina, we heard there was tribal warfare, police can only do as much as jailing culprits.  Consequences of wrong doing are dealt with by their own rules and regulations

We had a jeep tour, in the middle of our trip the other jeep wouldn't start and we (our jeep that is) went behind it and gave it a push from the back

We visited stunning terracotta shrines and the homes of adivasi people. babies, goats, chickens, calves, uneven dusty paths, cool, dark mud houses and smiling teeth and bright eyes. Most memorable were the children's faces and the amazing scenery in which they lived and played, high hills and mountains with colourful skies their backdrop.


The beautiful heritage home was a place of more rest, but I caught the cold from the others in the group where it was doing the rounds.  Cool temperatures asked for my double glazing, hot water, central heating, insulated walls and merino jumpers back in the UK.  Four layers of tee-shirts and two pairs of socks and brandy in the evenings had to do.

I gave a brief talk to the group about my work and showed pieces I had taken with me.  I have taken some good advice and positive comments, including being asked to sign my cards for those who thought they felt sure I was going to be big someday.



the rides on these are not so great when the wind is this cool.  Though chilly, it reduces the smells that I remember from my earlier trips in the hotter seasons. 


We met a designer who we spent most of the day with, visiting a community of applique craftspeople and mosaic work.  My highlight was the book store full with Art books, from the balcony you can see mobiles hanging and inside limited seating for a few people and a small table which felt a little unstable with the weight of large hardback books we sifted out.

Design studio

our visit to our new friend's studio was delightful for me.  examples of garments and samples of accessories. the colours, textures, finishing married with function.  I could see I would need another visit, maybe I can ask for a day in the studio while they work, there were hints of a possible collaboration on both sides..


more questions than answers.  which direction should I continue on my journey with my work, what do I want to say, where do I want to go - how do I start to get there?

week two


time to write and think and doodle.