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The HAT Project 2006/07 is supporting 20 exchange fellowships between England, South Asia and Australia

Bridie Lander

Residency at Liverpool Hope University

My interests broadly encompass an interest in science and technology and how this informs cultural paradigms. In past work the form of my jewellery pieces have been heavily derived from scientific instrumentation. A common thematic is the plump, a metaphor for balance, a possible physic balance, acquired by the wearer through the use of the talismatic qualities traditionally attributed to jewellery. The jewellery pieces are created to have an interaction with the wearer, an interaction as simple as tactility, kinetic or more recently the olfactory engagement of the senses.

Currently I am beginning the development of new works with the assistance of an Australia Council New Works Grant. This project will incorporate digital technology, specifically utilising rapid prototyping with traditional studio based technics to produce jewellery and objects. The potential of developing and exploiting new technology in the realisation of new form is the main ambition of this project. This project is in early development stage, but I am interested in the possibilities of incorporating natural growth structures with the digitally produced form. I have begun exploring simple spherical forms in the studio (molecular forms) using basic workshop forming and construction From this early investigation I anticipate to compliment the studio work by using three dimensional drawing software and rapid prototyping to produce more complex structures.

I use a variety of materials in various combinations with metal, including plastics as well as found material, minerals (non precious stones) and organics (shell, horse hair). This is a familiar approach to my studio work, as I use materials that are appropriate for the intent of the piece. I am interested in broadening my material vocabulary by incorporating glass and ceramic.

HAT Residency:
A three-month residency will give me the opportunity to reflect on the development of studio work. It could be possible to have some digital files produced by the time of the residency, so that the time can be spent further experimenting and manipulating the prototyped forms within a workshop. It would be an opportunity to further develop results of the research to date, opening the project to possibilities afforded by the host institution.
Being in UK could allow access to research material (including museum and collection), both historical and contemporary, that would contribute to ongoing investigations of influence of science and technology on the shape of things.

As an educator I am interested in the comparisons of educational institutions and students. To participate with the institution, to engage with students, undergraduate and research will enhance and give a perspective on learning and teaching practices.

As an academic the opportunity of engaging with colleges from other institutions with similar interests could develop into ongoing correspondence and future collaborations of research projects, exhibitions, publications

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Bridie Lander talks to conference during cHAT week at Sanskriti, Delhi, India. March 2007