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HAT Australia/UK has 3 elements:

HAT Residencies 17 jewellers exchanged between England and Australia.

A weeklong residential collaboration between all 17 jewellers, a filmmaker and curators in Manchester

HAT Exhibition
A touring exhibition presenting the jewellers, their processes and outcomes to audiences in England and Australia

At a time when cultures are technically closer than ever, this project aims to explore the impact of new geographies, new contexts and new experiences, on the working practice of contemporary jewellers in England and Australia.

A particular area of interest is that of difference and comparison in the practice of antipodean makers, and to what extent distance impacts on that practice, especially when there are shared cultural histories.

The project will achieve this through a series of residencies in each country, a joint workshop in England for all participants, and a touring exhibition in both countries. The curatorial approach is to observe and respond to the development of the residencies, focusing on 'process' as a means of directing the project's final realisation.

Meet the Project TEAM

Junko Mori
Ashi Marwaha
Vannetta Seecharran
Annabet Wyndham
Cynthia Cousens
Claire Norcross
Marcus Steel
Liz Rattigan
Mah Rana
Australian Residencies

UK Residencies
Alina Jay
Vicki Mason
Christian Hall
Mark Vaarwerk
Sheridan Kennedy
Catherine Truman
Marian Hosking
Julie Blyfield